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bruschetta toast

September 4, 2009

Bruschetta toast

Bruschetta is most notorious as oiled toast rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes basil and garlic, but Bruschetta can be any number of toppings served on toasted bread. The bread can be toasted in your toaster or oven, but the best way that I have found to make bruschetta toast is in a frying pan. Bruschetta is always better when made with a nice bakery bread and sliced kind of thick. You can use any kind of bread you like. Rye, white, wheat or sourdough, as long as you like it. Get a largish frying pan, I use my 12” pan for this. Slice the bread somewhere between a half inch and a full inch thick. If it is a large loaf you can then cut into more manageable pieces as you see fit. Pour a generous amount of olive oil into your pan and set on low/medium heat. You don’t want your bread to swim, but you want a decent swath of oil in the pan. Add your bread and let it heat until it begins to sizzle. Check the bread by lifting it with a pair of tongs. When it has a nice golden crust, flip it over and do the same on the other side. If the pan is dry when you turn the bread, you can add a bit more oil. When you flip it over set a heavy pot or pan on top of the bread to keep it flat and ensure and even browning of the bread. If the bread begins to smoke, do not panic, simply remove from heat for a few seconds and turn the stove down. When the bread is golden on both sides it is done. Unlike an oven or toaster which turns your bread hard and crunchy, this method will make your bread crispy on the outsides but still warm and soft in the middle. Top your bread with anything you like.
bruschetta toast #1
Bruschetta toast #3

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