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Summer Bruschetta #3

September 16, 2009

Summer Bruschetta 3Photobucket

Dilly bean tapenade

This is the third in my series of 3 favorite bruschetta of the summer.
For this recipe you will need:

– one handful of fresh green beans
– one small clump of fresh dill
– one raw clove of garlic
– a few almonds (about 10)
– olive oil
– lemon
– salt
– chili flake
– bread

Using raw beans gives this bruschetta a vibrance that is excellent on warm summer days. wash and remove stems from all of the beans. Chop coarsely and set aside. leave the beans raw. Crush your clove of garlic with the back of your knife to remove the skin. Put your beans, garlic, almonds and dill into a cuisinart. Add a generous pinch of salt, a light pinch of chili flake, a big drizzle of olive oil (about 3 tablespoons) and the juice from about 1/3 of a lemon to the cuisinart and chop until combined, but still slightly coarse. You may need to push down your mixture with a spoon or add extra oil to make it blend. If you do not have a cuisinart, you can chop everything finely by hand, it just takes a bit more time. When you do it by hand you can refer to it as “rustic.” You can adjust with salt, pepper, oil or lemon to taste. Serve on toast.
Makes 8-12 snack size portions.

This recipe can be easily doubled.

– for the photos I used fresh lavender beans which taste just like green beans, but are dark purple when raw. You can use any kind of fresh beans. Wax beans, green beans and haricot vert are other great beans for this dish. Try to get the smaller beans because they are more tender and taste better in a raw dish like this.
– You could also substitute any other nut for almonds. Pine nuts add a great, oily flavor to the mix and walnuts are nice and have a pleasant texture. Use whatever you have access to.



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  1. Janet Cardoza permalink
    October 14, 2009 11:24 am

    Hi Sweet Al,
    The website is looking fantastic!
    I am telling everyone!
    Love you sooooo Mom

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