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Spaghetti Carbonara

February 9, 2010

Welcome to my first ever video recipe. As with all my recipes, the idea is not that you follow the measurements perfectly, but that you toy with the concepts of cooking in order to make it your own and be able to adjust any recipe based on what you have access to. The ingredients I use in this dish are:

– Pasta
– bacon
– onions
– eggs
– salt
– olive oil
– chili flake
– pecorino romano cheese
– parsley
– black pepper

I hope that the video answers any questions you may have about this dish. The video has been trimmed a bit so as not to be too long. The cooking process took me about 20 minutes. The entire dish from the time you put the water on to boil to the time you sit down to eat will take less than thirty minutes. The more times you make it, the faster you get. One important thing to note is how much salt you use. As I mention, it is important to salt the water so that it tastes good. Since this dish has so few ingredients it has a definite potential to become too salty if the water is over salted. I mention salting it like the ocean, but for beginners it is better to start with less salt until you become comfortable. You can always add more in the end, but once the salt is in you can’t take it out. If you have vegetarian friends, a great alternative to bacon in this dish is coarsely chopped mushrooms. Zucchini is another great alternative, but if you use it add it later in the process. Over cooked zucchini is gross. If you ever have a specific question you can e-mail me at Happy cooking.

Thanks to CJ Richter, Eric and Jackie for shooting and editing this video for me.

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  1. theimmigrant permalink
    February 23, 2010 3:28 pm

    Well done, AC. We do need to talk about you breaking your perfectly long spaghetti noodles up before boiling them though. Even if you have to bend them a bit, I’m all for keeping the noodles long and in their original form.

  2. Julia permalink
    March 27, 2010 11:22 am

    that was great, alex. can’t wait for more videos.

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