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Roasted chicken thighs

May 17, 2010

in the last 15 years, boneless skinless chicken breast has become the go-to cut for consumers. The pure protein sound like a good choice but boneless skinless chicken breast is bland with a capital BLAH! Thighs are more forgiving because they can be cooked much longer without turning dry and are about a billion times more delicious than skinless breast (statement not approved by the FDA).

Beautiful crisp roasted thighs with brown rice and parsley salad

To start preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Two thighs is enough for a full dinner portion. Put an oven safe pan big enough to hold as much chicken as you want to cook on the stove at a medium heat. It is important that your pan has time to heat up, otherwise the skin from the chicken can stick to the pan. This is less of a problem when using a non-stick pan. Use a paper towel to pat the meat dry. Removing moisture will prevent splattering. Add a light dusting of salt all the way around the thighs. Add a few drops of oil in the pan for each thigh. During the cooking process a lot of fat will  render off of the skin so you don’t need to add very much oil in the beginning, just a few drops will help start the cooking process. Once the pan is hot and the chicken is salted place the thighs in the pan skin side down. They are going to stay like this for 5-10 minutes depending on their size and your stove. Resist any urge to shake around or turn the meat. After about 3 minutes you can use a pair of tongs or a fork to see that the skin is starting to turn a bit golden. If the pan is splattering a lot or starting to smoke, you can turn down the heat and let them continue to cook. The lower the heat the longer the cooking time, but lower heat also cooks more consistently. In time you find a good balance between heat, cooking time and your own patience. As the skin cooks most of the fat in the skin will cook off. This excess fat should be poured off during cooking*. Once the skin is dark brown and crispy you can turn it over and put the whole pan into the hot oven. The chicken will need another 5-10 minutes in the oven before it is finished. Once the chicken is cooked down to the bone you can remove it from the pan and set it aside to rest. Serve it with rice, potatoes, salad, vegetables or anything else you can think of. Enjoy!

* kitchen grease should not be poured down the sink. it causes clogs. pour excess fat into a bowl or disposable container then put it in the trash.

salt the meat

skin side down into the pan

turn once the skin is golden and crisp

Right out of the oven

serve with rice and something green

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  1. Maria-Stella permalink
    June 7, 2010 8:45 pm

    love it! Thank you!

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