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letting meat rest

June 7, 2010

A seared duck breast resting

perfect color after resting 15 minutes!

It is essential to let a piece of meat you have cooked rest for a few minutes before serving it. Just set it aside once it is done cooking and leave it be. The hotter temperature at the outside of the meat will cause the center of the meat to continue cooking as it cools. This will also allow the hot juices of the meat to settle back into the protein.  If you do not let the meat rest the hot juices inside will run out when you cut or bite into it and it will result in the meat becoming dry. ideally you would want to let it rest on a metal rack so air circulates around it, but putting it aside on a plate works fine too. Steaks and small cuts should rest fro 5-10 minutes and large roasts can rest for upwards of 30 minutes. You will lose some liquid no matter what once you cut into it, but letting it rest reduces the amount of lost juices. Any juice that come from the meat while it is resting can be poured back over it once it is served. If you want some more details about letting meat rest I recommend you check out the link below. Cheers!

Letting Meat Rest After Cooking

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