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I was born in Boise Idaho in 1981 and stayed there until I turned 21 when I move to New York City. I lived in the city for six years plus I spent one year living in Seattle. In 2009 I started this website in hopes of helping friends and strangers alike learn a little more about cooking and eating in a simple straight forward way. In October 2010 I moved back to Boise Idaho to take advantage of some opportunities, be closer to my family and hopefully affect change in the local food culture.

All the food on this website was cooked by me and most of it was made just for me in an apartment in Brooklyn. I rarely cook long exhausting meals, my average meal time is probably about fifteen minutes. eating well is not as difficult as people make it out to be, but it takes a bit of time to get good at making great food on the fly.

This is a page of my personal exploits. things I am doing, making or accomplishing in regards to life and food.

The $12 Challenge webisode

My first taste of reality television

Iron chef Cardoza: competition fennel

Pizza crusts, sunsets and good conversation

Idaho Huckleberries & Wild Plum Jam

My first bacon

Idaho, August 2010

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