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This page is dedicated to some favorite meals that I have cooked.

Alex Cardoza

Dinner 1/25/12 seared duck breast with brown rice, steamed veggies and a bechamel style potato sauce

Lunch 1/25/12 Orchiette pasta with cured pork shoulder, broccoli rabe and pecorino

Dinner 1/24/12 Bison burger with avocado relish, rye berries, curry roasted cauliflower and potatoes.

Lunch 11/7/2010 sautéed spinach and bacon on toast with a poached egg.

box lunch 8/1/2010 lunch for a long flight. fresh peach, carrots, cheese, cornichons, prosciutto, radishes, almonds, boiled egg.

Lunch 7/4/2010 Raw zucchini and basil salad w/manchego

Lunch 6/13/2010 Roasted Rabbit Sausage with sauteéd Golden Beets

dinner 5/17/2010 Ramen noodle soup with a soft boiled egg and thinly sliced raw cured bacon

Breakfast 5/13/2010 Toast, soft boiled egg, radishes, almonds, cucumber and Benton's RAW cured bacon

Dinner 5/5/2010 Roasted bone-in pork chop, polenta with sauteéd spring onion and cucumber radish and basil salad.

Dinner Monday 5/3/2010 Ham steak with basmati rice, homemade applesauce and a simple salad.

Breakfast 5/2/2010 Roasted asparagus with 2 egss sunnyside up and basil.

Dinner 4/29/2010 spaghetti carbonara with basil, pinenuts and ramps.

dinner 4/27/2010 Spaghetti with anchovy, escarole, onion Tarragon and sliced duck breast.

lunch 4/26/2010 roasted salmon filet. blanched asparagus and fava bean salad with shallot and tarragon. Brown rice with a little soy sauce.

late dinner 4/23/2010 Bacon and watercress salad with ramps and a soft boiled egg.

Breakfast 4/23/2010 Roasted sausage with sauteed ramps, asparagus, toast and a fried egg.

Dinner 4/21/2010 Roasted sausage with barley and sauteed ramps

Dinner 4/14/2010 Seared beef with sauteed kale and smashed bean bruschetta.

Dinner 4/13/2010 Sweet pork noodle soup with shitake and bok choy

Lunch 4/12/2010 Seared duck breast with bean and parsley salad and a slice of rye bread.

Lulunch 4/11/2010 Fried Duck Egg with creamy polenta and sauteed kale.

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  1. Andrea Fischman permalink
    June 4, 2010 5:10 pm

    Is there a recipe for the Pork Toast up here somewhere??

    • learning life from scratch permalink*
      June 4, 2010 8:05 pm

      That was a very special toast. the pork belly cured in my fridge for 3 days, then I cooked it for 3 hours in beer. the salsa verde was made from wild watercress and radish greens. I’ll try to write a simple version. bacon would be a good substitute.

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