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Why I think it’s okay to cook with Bacon fat

if you are cooking bacon and you have leftover fat it works as a substitute for commercial vegetable oil, and by using your left over grease instead of throwing it away you are saving yourself money by not using a product you had to buy (vegetable oil) and by using less vegetable oil, therefore potentially reducing the production of commercial, fertilizer heavy vegetable oils…(more)

Sun King Brewery (and Good beer in a can)

Sun King is putting their beer into 16 ounce tallboys –“because 12 ounces just isn’t enough”- and selling them in four packs. In the past, beer in a can was a sign of a weak beer and was shunned by the micro brewery community. That’s changed in the last couple years with breweries like Brooklyn Brewery, New Belgium (fat tire/ ranger IPA) and…(more)

* Support Local, one sandwich at a time

Trying to eat fresh local or organic is hard. It is a daunting task and is often more expensive that the commercial alternative. Buying local is harder than it should be for most of the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make small changes over time. Support local, one sandwich at a time…(more)

* How to ask a question

It’s funny with how connected we are through technology that we are still often so shy when forced to interact face to face. Its easier to cruise the grocery aisle at your leisure than to enter a butcher shop if you don’t know much about meat, but it is important to support small scale food producers whenever you get the chance. So curb your intimidation and make your way to the farmers market, the butcher shop, the restaurant or the wine store…(more)

* How to buy bread

Once upon a time bread was baked from whole grains into loaves that were used the day they were baked, sliced or torn into thick pieces and eaten thusly. Now bread is baked in big factories where the best recipe is the one that keeps the bread from going stale or rotting while sitting on a supermarket shelf. I would like this sliced bread trend to be reversed. (more)…

* La Quercia Salumerie

Last week I attended a class at the Brooklyn kitchen lab in Williamsburg. During the class, herb said something that really moved me. He said, “We wanted to make food that, when you ate it, just made you feel alive.” Then he seemed to blush and say that he knows that sounds silly. It did not sound silly to me, and I know it must have struck a chord with others as well. (more)…

* Heat & Serve

Every year we are in more of a hurry to eat food in less time. It is my goal to reduce this trend, this single button cooking. It is overwhelming trying to imagine even slowing down these trends of “heat & serve” eating, let alone trying to actually reverse them. I not only want to change how we perceive cooking, but try to change it in a way that is uplifting and inspiring rather than with the air of pretension…(more)

* A New York Times Thanksgiving
The dining section of the New York Times this week has a picture of two people in turkey suits standing face to face, one wielding a rolling pin and the other an all-clad fry pan. The headline declares, “You say potato. I say War!” The related articles are written as a culinary competition between two women over whether turkey or side dishes are more important to thanksgiving dinner. They manage to take the holiday that is named for the giving of thanks and turn it into a verbal food fight over…(more)

* I Heart Veal
There is a famous chef by the name of Fergus Henderson who has a well renowned restaurant named ST. John in England. His first cookbook: The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating, was written with the idea that, when eating an animal, no bone or scrap of meat ought to be wasted. I respect this idea and hope that it can be embraced all over the world.(more)…

* The best thing I ever ate?
I just discovered a show on the food network called “The best thing I ever ate.” The topic this week was, “the best thing I ever ate with my hands.” The concept is that they ask a group of chefs and tv personalities what is the best thing they ever ate with their hands then they film them eating that thing. I was perplexed by the show…(more)

*Good morning airports of America
It is 6 A.M. and I am in an airport terminal at JFK waiting for a flight. I am looking around this airport terminal and it’s full of people gripping large Styrofoam cups with the words “dunkin donuts” emblazoned across them. Most of these cups come with a tag along paper bag filled with any number of breakfast foods…(more)

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